New Product – Zone 0 Tool Detection Alarm For Drilling and Intervention

Severn Subsea Technologies (SST), a division within the Severn Glocon Group, has developed Zone 0 rated, tool detection sensor technology to reduce the risk of damage to the riser assembly during drilling and intervention operations, as the tool string is recovered to the surface.

The Tool Detection Alarm (TDA) offers a safer method of locating the tool string than relying on visual methods alone. It positively locates the position of the tool and sounds an alarm, alerting the winch operator to take action to prevent the tool string hitting the riser seal head. The portable, battery-powered TDA provides an extra layer of protection minimizing the risk of damage to completion equipment and potential loss of the tool string down the well.

The whole system, including the control box and re-chargeable battery, is ATEX and IECEx certified intrinsically safe equipment for use in Zone 0 gas environments. SST are ISO 9001 registered, SST is IEC 80079-34 compliant, enabling the manufacture of ATEX and IECEx certified intrinsically safe systems.

Brian Green, SST managing director, said “The Tool Detection Alarm provides a safe method of monitoring a tool string during well intervention operations. Knowing when action needs to be taken will prevent damage to completion equipment, avoiding unnecessary disruption to production”.

 TDA Box

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