MVC 5100

Green Solutions MV Drive

The MVC 5100 provides speed and/or torque control for motor-driven applications in the medium and high power range from 200kW to 14MW at motor voltages from 3.0kV to 13.8kV.

It is available with air cooling in the lower power range and with optional water cooling in the medium to high power range.  MVC 5100 drives are also available mounted within a customised container, with self-contained sealed cooling systems, providing the highest IP Class ratings for hostile environments as well as providing greater convenience and ease of installation and commissioning.

The MVC 5100 family of drives is therefore particularly suitable to retrofit applications as well as applications requiring long cables to the motor. The medium voltage output is achieved directly without the need for an output transformer, particularly important in order to achieve high motor torque at very low speeds.

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