MFS – Multi Frequency Starters

The MFS Multi Frequency Starters use advanced motor control technology to soft start and stop medium voltage motors under load. A provision for rotating larger motors on a timed basis to prevent the motor shaft distorting under the effects of gravity is also available.

The two stage starter offers 12.5Hz and 50Hz starting profile and the three stage version offers 12.5Hz, 25Hz and 50Hz for starting motors with difficult starting torque requirements.

Featuring a LCD keypad and LED mimic for easy identification of the drive status, the starter features fully removable power stacks for ease of maintenance and 4 pump starting curves as standard.

Available with or without bypass contractor and with a variety of configuration options for multiple motor starting (up to 4), the MFS series of Medium Voltage Green Power Starters offers the only real alternative to MV VSD’s for soft starting heavy loads to run at full speed.

The MFS reduces water hammer, site voltage fluctuations and energy consumption. Because of its multiple frequency operation, applications which would normally have proved difficult with a soft starter can now be easily solved, including motors with moderate or heavy loading at start.

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