LVC 300   

Low Voltage Drive for energy efficient pumps and fans

This is a compact and robust range of drives dedicated to pump control

0.37kW–250kW / 0.5HP–350HP     110–600V Single & 3 Phase Input

The range is designed to deliver

  • Total Control – A single ‘Master’ drive acts to control and monitor system operation
  • Flexible solution – as it can operate up to five pumps in any configuration
  • Consistent flow – it maintains the required pressure and flow levels regardless of how many pumps are required
  • Reduces downtime – as it continues to operate whilst maintenance is being carried out on any one pump

Saving Energy / Reducing CO2

With large scale increases in global energy costs and the introduction of taxes and legislation relating to the industrial production of CO2 gases the need to reduce energy consumption and save money has never been greater. The LVC 300 can be used with environmental sensors to reduce pump speed in pumping applications without compromising the required output of the system.

Easy Installation

Compact and modern design utilising the latest available technology have accumulated in a robust drive with small dimensions and innovative mounting and cabling features.

Motor Flexibility

Ability to connect and control different types of motors, including Standard AC Induction, Permanent Magnet AC, Brushless DC and Synchronous Reluctance Motors.

Simple Set-up & Rapid Commissioning

The LVC 300 was developed from concept for ease of use. A handful of parameters configure the drive for basic pump applications. A short, concise product data means the drive is running in seconds. Advanced powerful functionality is equally easily accessible.

Imaginative Enclosure Design

With a selection of IP20, IP55 and IP66 enclosures, the LVC 300 is well suited to harsh environments, or where cabinet and cabling costs need to be reduced.

Advanced Pump Control Functions

The key pump control functionality required for your application is inbuilt into the LVC 300 and packaged to be both quick and simple to activate. Added to this is the drive’s own PLC programming flexibility that makes drive functionality virtually limitless.

Options for Flexibility

The LVC 300 combines both peripheral and factory built options to ensure you get the right drive, scaled to suit your application. With inbuilt BACnet and Modbus, and a host of communication options the LVC 300 can integrate easily into your industrial network of choice. Also DeviceNet, PROFINET, EtherCAT and more.

Noise reduction

Quiet Motor Operation

High switching frequency selection (up to 32kHz) ensures motor noise is minimised.

Quiet System Mechanics

Simple skip frequency selection avoids stresses and noise caused by mechanical resonance in pipework.

Quiet Drive Operation

Temperature-controlled cooling fans ensure quiet operation in periods of reduced load.

Noise Reduction through Speed Control

Optimising motor speed gives significant energy savings and reduces motor noise.

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