Low Voltage Soft Starters for efficient motor operation

The iMotor is one of the finest energy saving soft-starters in the world with a wide range of adjustable features that allow you to start even the most awkward load with ease.

Fully adjustable ramp times from 0-255 seconds give you ultimate flexibility. For high inertia loads current limit will provide you with a reduced current start. A kick start facility will help you to get things moving on loads with high static friction.

The variable range of operation

3kW–630kW    4HP–840HP    200V–690V    Single & 3 Phase Input

Soft-start energy saving motor control systems

For Soft Starting

Using the iMotor as a soft-starter
will put you back in control by…

  • Significantly increasing the life of your contactors & drive train components
  • Preventing dips in supply when starting larger motors
  • Increasing productivity by allowing you to attach more equipment to a single supply
  • Allowing you to switch your motors on and off at any time because of reduced starting current
  • Reducing the worrying threat of peak demand penalties when starting

For controlled stopping

Through controlled deceleration,
the iMotor Soft Stop…

  • Provides an effective solution to minimise water hammer
  • Reduces the probability of damage to pipe systems
  • Provides safe, cost effective plug braking

The iMotor

Works hard on your behalf…

  • Assessing the load of the motor every cycle of the supply
  • Preventing the motor from stalling by monitoring the motor flux
  • Provides safe, cost effective plug braking
  • Giving you motor intelligence



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