Global collaboration gives engineering edge

Advanced control and choke valve engineering is the cornerstone of Severn Glocon Group. It has a longstanding reputation for innovative and reliable valve technologies that can handle the most challenging energy industry applications.

So how does the Group ensure its engineering remains strong and progressive as it expands globally?

Director of Technical Services, Tony Brooke, says regular communication between engineers from different Group locations is essential. At a micro level it facilitates better efficiency and problem-solving, and at a macro level it enables the Group to continue operating at the forefront of control and choke valve innovation.

Severn Glocon Group has three major control and choke valve engineering hubs in Gloucester and Brighouse (UK) and Chennai (India). Lead engineers from the three locations convene several times a year to discuss specific R&D, design and regulatory issues.

These Group Technical Meetings run for two days and play a vital role in the continuous progression and standardisation of Group engineering capabilities. The first day covers focused R&D activities for new products or emerging challenges. Various solutions are brought to the table for consideration, then priorities and responsibilities are allocated. The second day takes a more general look at the ongoing performance of the Group’s control and choke valve engineering divisions. Aftermarket feedback for completed projects also features and feeds into the Group’s continual improvement methodology.

Tony says that Group-wide dialogue is particularly valuable in circumstances where customers’ technical demands are changing or production environments are becoming more challenging.

“We have a diverse mix of engineering skill and experience that spans various industries, markets, valve technologies and applications,” he explains. “Some of our engineers handle the design and manufacture of valves for new projects whereas others focus on valve upgrades or replacements for established plant. However, there is a lot of synergy between them and a shared company ethos of intelligent engineering for continual performance improvement. Our Group Technical Meetings provide a forum to share and develop ideas for new products, approaches and technologies.”

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